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This is your time to get away.....  settle into the comfort of your own space to talk about what troubles you.  Gail will listen to your secrets and help you re-discover your best and happiest self.  She will help you find the courage to begin living your best life right now, today, in this moment.   Gail invites you to meet her through the information she offers on this site.  Feel free to browse Gail's "virtual office" and get your questions answered about the services she offers.




Just as original “Speakeasys” came into their own during a dark period of American history, Speakeasy Counseling offers a place to “speak easy” during dark periods of your life. In times past, Speakeasy patrons passed through secret entrances via a passcode created just for them. Now, technology allows you to pass through a private entrance, into a secure virtual room via your own unique pass code. Just as speakeasys were known for warmth and low lighted lounges, now you can enjoy the quaintness of your own space as you enter a virtual speakeasy. In 1920s speakeasys, private conversations were held with confidence. Now you can now share your deepest thoughts and feelings in the safety and comfort of a virtual one.