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Meet Your Therapist


Gail is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. She works with her clients  to build on their strengths and help them attain peace, companionship, and personal growth.  Gail specializes in "The Power of Positive Thinking, and finds a way to apply this principle in her work with her clients.

Gail enjoys a well-earned reputation among her clients and colleagues for helping others recover, re-build, and rejuvenate their lives.  You are invited to check out what others have to say and to add your own comments.

Gail enjoys addressing a wide array of life challenges with her clients.  Below are her thoughts and approach to some of the most common issues clients bring to her.

  • Marriage/Relationship Resolution *Family Friendly

    • When couples lose their way, the sooner they realize it and work toward reuniting their lives, the shorter the distance to work their way back to each other.  Sometimes, communication, understanding, and learning to love unconditionally are basic building blocks of relationship recovery.

  • Parenting

    • Parenting presents unique challenges to blended families, divorcing parents, and single parent households. Sibling rilvery  is sometimes difficult to nagivate, and when there are differences in parenting styles, the challenge to maintain a "united front" for your child can be an individual challenge for each parent.  Parents and their child may experience personality conflict due to generation gap, or even basic differences in personality.  Tolerance and accepance become daily challenges.  We know that consistency and routine in parenting is essential to children becoming well-adjusted adults.  Parents establishing an early positive relationship with their child is essential to being able to enjoy each other as adults.  Gail helps parents deliberately, decisively, create a relationship with their child which they can enjoy for years to come.    

  • Extended Family

    • Children can never have too many people love them.  Extended family can include anyone who cares enough to build a relationship with a child they love, (such as step parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and foster parents).  Because "there is no one right way" to parent, mentor, or care for children, it is not unusual that well-meaning adults clash on issues concerning the children they love. Gail has had much success helping care-givers  focus on building a united front for children, and creating a parenting arrangement in which children can thrive in peace and security, under the protection of all who love them.

  • Bereavement

    • Individuals of all ages can know deep loss and grief.  Family, friends, pets, homes, and treasured belongings are sometimes lost forever, leaving emotional emptiness, loneliness, depression, or anxiety in it's wake.  Gail has helped many people work through their darkest moments of grief, eventully placing their deep love into a treasured place in their heart for "safe keeping". 

  • Healing Childhood Trauma

    • No matter the source of trauma, it takes a "life of it's own".    Achieving life balance and inner peace depends on being able to heal unresolved trauma. Gail can help those suffering with unwanted thoughts, dreaded dreams, paralyzing depression, free-floating anxiety, unfounded fear, unmanageable anger, and other complications from unresolved trauma.  Gail has helped many many people of all ages recover, rejuvenate, reclaim their lives!   

  • Recovery from Sexual Victimization

    • Although it is best to begin Counseling as quickly as possible following the terror of sexual abuse, there is no "age limit" on beginning the journey to healing wounds left by sexual trauma. Gail believes in the absolute right of every person at every age to be safe and respected.  Every person deserves for their emotional and psychological wounds to be healed. Everyone has the right to their own body, mind, and spirit.  All are innocent and worthy of protection, and with Gail's therapeutic guidance and support, her clients come to love, accept, and nurture themselves toward a renewed life of personal empowerment.  

  • Life Transitions

    • How can one suddenly feel "lost" in adulthood?  Each stage of life brings with it new and unfamiliar challenges.  Moving toward self-empowerment, trusting one's institution, and learning to completely and unconditionally accept one's self are key elements of successfully embracing life change. Gail has guided many people through important life transistions, and they have emerged  with more self-awareness and a positive vision for their future.